What is Your Sexual Orientation?

My orientation is pretty straightforward. I’m a cis male who is exclusively into men. AKA I’m strictly homosexual. But it seems like it’s not that simple for most LGBTQ people from what I’ve seen. Lots of people somewhere on the spectrum. So, if you are are comfortable sharing, what about you guys!? Hehe just curious. But don’t worry, the poll below is anonymous! ❤

Happy Spring, Everyone!

Soon the flowers will bloom, the trees will become beautiful again, and seasonal depression will be eradicated (or at least I hope lol). Always love the advent of spring; it’s such a refreshing and stimulating experience. Cuddling with my boyfriend right now and just couldn’t be happier. You can count on us gay boys to do our makeup EVEN on lazy days, and I feel so empowered bc of it. Gotta work dat booty as well, per usual ofc. Anyway, like I said, I’m happy. I hope you are happy, too! 🙂


My Apology to Bisexuals

The first time I came out to my family, I told them that I’m bisexual. This was a lie. I am homosexual. Strictly into other men and only men. But “bisexual” was easier to come out as because it’s not as “gay” as being “gay” is. I know I’m not alone. It seems like a lot of homosexual men initially come out as bisexual in order to soften the blow. I know there’s a lot of circumstantial evidence to support this; but I’m too lazy to provide evidence on this blog lol. Anyway, my main point is that bc so many gay men come out as bi and then eventually gay, it seems to have created a false narrative that there are no bi men, that all queer men are gay men. In other words, you’re either “straight” or “gay.” And I know I was a victim to this falsehood for most of my life. I thought based on my solipsistic experience—as a gay man who briefly posed as a bi man—that this was the case for all other queer men. But again, the evidence suggests otherwise. My boyfriend is also gay, to be fair. But some of the guys I have previously hooked up with were bisexual, and I’ve watched as some of them happily ended up with women. And I’m happy for them. I used to think they were lying (either to themselves or to everyone else), but that’s because I was just being a stubborn gay man. So I just wanted to let you bi/pan people know that I apologize for my past arrogance as one of those arrogant gays, and I want to support the bisexual community in the future—bc until homosexual and heterosexual people help raise awareness, tolerance, and acceptance for bisexual, pansexual, and other more fluid forms of sexuality, we will never be free. The LGBTQ community needs to stick together, and this is ofc the case for trans people as well. We need to support them more (I’ll save that for later). Anyway, bi men rock; y’all are valid; and I support you. And obvs the same goes for bi/pan/etc. women—but I feel that women have collectively done a better job of accepting bi and pan women, so that’s why I primarily focused on bi men for this post. Love y’all, cuties! 🏳️‍🌈❤️🏳️‍🌈❤️🏳️‍🌈❤️

Gay Men Don’t Have to be Girly

As all of you know, I’m as gay as you can get. I was never into girls and I had all sorts of crushes on various guys in my life when I was younger and I still do lol. But just bc I’m a gay man doesn’t mean that defines me overall. Society likes to fetishize us—heck, we fetishize us—and they box us into personalities. Like some of my friends think that bc I’m a gay guy that I want to be their gay best friend and go shopping with them and talk about guys all day and help them with their guy problems and get mani pedis and do makeovers and drink wine n snuggle while watching romcoms on Netflix. Stuff like that. I don’t blame them. There are some girls that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE doing all of that stuff with lol. My besties tbh. But my point is that I don’t want all of my friendships to be like that. This would be too monotonous. And it operates under the pretense that these are the only things I want to do. So, just because I am gay and I like to do girly things doesn’t mean that this reflects my full personality.

Because at the end of the day, like the title suggests, gay men don’t have to be girly all of the time. Sure, I love doing makeovers, getting mani pedis, going shopping with my girlies, having girls nights with them and drinking merlot while watching a fun rom com. In fact, those are like my fav activities hehe. BUT they’re NOT the only ones. I am a person, too. Just bc I’m gay doesn’t mean I’m your gay best friend. I play video games. I play sports. watch sports as well (and not just bc I enjoy seeing a bunch of sexy dudes with amazing bodies clash against each other lol). Sometimes I like to jam to some manly rap music. Sometimes I like to drink beer and hang with my bros. Doesn’t make me less authentic. That doesn’t make me too manly for a gay. Doesn’t make me any less than the “100% strictly homosexual guy who’s only into men” person that I indeed am. It just means that I’m not a mundane, one-dimensional human that does the same shit every day. And that, of course, applies to most other humans as well. So, let’s all be open-minded and let others be themselves. Ya know? Life is best when you’re free to not only be you, which is big, but also to explore life and branch out to other activities n interests and not just be a stereotypical gay. I LOVE y’all! Have a gr8 day! 🏳️‍🌈 ❤ 🏳️‍🌈 ❤ 🏳️‍🌈 ❤

Cute Men I Rly Want to Date

Hi. My name is Luke Atkins (many of you have seen my other blog, the one about film and television and music), and I am very proud to be gay! My therapist wants me to work on exposure therapy by celebrating my sexuality and trying to be prideful of it—rather than ashamed and guilty and hateful of myself as a gay man like I was for two decades. So this blog is a form of exposure therapy in that sense, as I’m exploring and expressing my sexuality in a positive way. I always hated that all of my crushes were obviously guys and this led to me sort of having a love-hate situation with the hot celebrity men I was into. Now I’m less self-hating about it and just think it’s cute n fun n enjoyable to talk about it. ^So here are some hot guys I really want to sleep with honestly lol. If I could even just hug or kiss them, that’d still be the highlight of my life hehe. Anyway, as I’m super into soccern film, you may notice that they are all athletes or actors. Yay! P.S. All of you, whether you’re fully str8 or 100% strictly homosexual like I am, are amazing! ❤ ❤ ❤

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